High Altitude Training

“The record has shown that since 1968, 95% of all Olympic and World Championship medals from the 800 through the Marathon were won by athletes who lived or trained at altitude. It can therefore be concluded that altitude training is necessary for success in endurance events.” – Dr. Joe Vigil, 2008 USA Olympic Team Running Coach

Altitude Training Strategies:

Depending on the demands of your sport, there are many different ways to apply Hypoxico technology to your training. We are happy to provide free consultation on best practices based on your athletic goals. As it pertains to strategy, there are three specific methodologies that we encourage our clients to implement. Keep in mind, these protocols can be mixed and matched to fit your lifestyle and achieve maximum adaptation. Some clients will use just one while others will consistency implement all three.

Altitude training has been proven to provide the following benefits to athletes:

  • Increase VO2 max and lactate threshold.
  • Increase power output and Speed.
  • Enhance Endurance and Stamina.
  • Reduce recovery time.
  • Increased capillarisation (density and length), enabling increased oxygen delivery to tissues.
  • Boost in mitochondrial enzymes allowing more efficient use of oxygen for energy production.
  • Decreased heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Increased production and release of human growth hormone.
  • Stimulation on fat-burning metabolism.

In addition, Hypoxico works directly with the USA Olympic Committee and other international olympic federations. Most recently, Hypoxico installed an environmental simulation chamber in the USA Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs that simulates not only altitude, but also temperature and humidity. The chamber helped the USA earn the most medals at the Rio Olympic Games in 2016.

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Body Composition Analyse

Sporty Lifestyle coaches Sheryl & Lars utilizes state-of-the-art equipment in order to measure your body composition and resting metabolism.

Bioelectrical impedance is an extremely reliable method for body composition analysis. It’s fast, consistent, accurate and easy to use.

More than simple weight or body fat percentage levels provided by ordinary scales or calipers, Body Composition Analysis provides detailed body composition analysis – weight, body fat percentage, fat mass, fat-free mass, resting metabolism, and hydration levels – all without the inconvenience of more intrusive traditional measurement methods.

Why test your body composition?

  • To distinguish between body fat and lean body mass
  • To ensure optimal hydration levels
  • To determine the number of calories your body needs at rest
  • To prevent weight related health problems, including malnutrition
  • To provide measures of healthy weight loss, in addition to the scale
  • To know the progress you make

Body Composition Analysis shows changes when the scale doesn’t – a huge impact on your motivation during the weight loss process.

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Corporate Business Training

We believe healthy employees are important to help to build a truly successful company. Investing in your people means investing in the future of your business, and our effective and practical corporate fitness solutions are made to help you do just that. We’ll work closely with you to create training programs that are tailored to the ages and fitness levels of your employees, as well as your goals and budget. We’ve got plenty of programs available for your selection and meet your need!

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Sporty Lifestyle Aruba offers specialty sports training workshops and sports performance seminars for serious athletes, parents, coaches and corporate business looking for cutting-edge evidence based training principles that can be applied to real-world training-designed to help athletes succeed in sport endeavors.

These programs are concentrated on a particular sport, training area (such as speed, power, etc.), or piece of the sports success puzzle (ie. Physical preparation, mental preparation, etc.)– and are offered on a limited capacity basis.

We prefer to keep the number of attendees in our sports training clinices low to guarantee that they get the attention to detail that they deserve and an opportunity to ask questions and learn from the elite performance coaches and advisors from Sporty Lifestyle Aruba.

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Road to Ironman…


What is a beginner triathlete? Is a beginner triathlete a person that signs up for a first time Ironman? Or perhaps a beginner triathlete is person who has no athletic background, never did endurance training and now want to finish a sprint triathlon.

The coaches Sheryl and Lars were beginner triathletes one day. Some beginner triathletes come from single sport backgrounds. They can have great experience and swimmers and runners but be total beginners in cycling or running. Regardless of your background rest assured that our custom plans will fit your backgound, your race goals and fitness. That is the beauty of triathlon training and what makes it exciting. You can be a college swimmer and be a total beginner on the bike thus allowing you to still be considered a beginner triathlete.

The first thing you want to do as a beginner is set out a date for your triathlon and sign up for it. This date is what your training will be geared for. If you have trouble deciding on a date contact us we can help you based on your situation. Once we have a date we can work together with the right plan for you.For the great majority of beginners our recommendation is to at least do each sport twice a week. Doing a sport less than twice a week will not allow your body to adapt to the training stress. Add to this 2 sessions of strength training and now you have 8 sessions each week. That is the bare minimum we recommend in order to avoid injury and to have a gratifying experience on race day.The other common question a beginner has is what distance to race first. We recommend you start short and let your body build appropriate endurance. So even if the big goal down the road is to finish an Ironman, set out an initial goal to do shorter races.

 There are 4 race distances, Sprint, Olympic, 70.3 Ironman and 140.6 Ironman.
We look forward to working with you.
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Circuit Strength Training

 “As a former Marine I know what it is to do a military “circuit training”. With my background as a physical trainer I combine the Circuit Training Outdoor with fun & a Marines attitude….”- Coach Lars

Circuit training is a form of body conditioning or resistance training using high-intensity aerobics. It targets strength building and muscular endurance. An exercise “circuit” is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program. When one circuit is complete, one begins the first exercise again for the next circuit. Traditionally, the time between exercises in circuit training is short, often with rapid movement to the next exercise.

Each class is led by Sheryl and/or Lars who engages guests through various workouts offering variations for different skill sets.

We have an exceptional experiential skill set and are well versed in a variety of methods. We will take your workout to a new level and design the perfect solution to enhance all layers of wellness.

An approach may start with building strength and endurance while also teaching you new skills requiring balance, coordination and functional movement pattern development.

One thing all of the classes have in common is an amazing view of rolling waves on the beautiful beaches sweeping skies and soft sand, public parks or just a perfect location only found in Aruba.

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Swim Strength Training

“I am a professional swim coach and have a lot of experience in Olympic Distances Triathlons and in 70.3 and 140.6 Ironman competitions.”-Coach Lars.

Maybe you just want to improve your skills and technique in the water because you just love to swim or maybe you are going to participate in a small triathlon or even bigger, an Ironman.

Your goal is our mission, we will help you to improve your skill, technique, endurance and strength with a water workout.We will train in a swimming pool or in open water to build up strength and get used to the current.

The Swim Strength Training Sessions aims to increase a swimmer’s efficiency, power, and performance.

The objectives of the program include:
• Identify specific stroke mechanic strengths and challenges and apply techniques to improve performance.
• Examine the principles of efficient stroke mechanics.
• Develop a personalized continuous improvement plan based on each swimmer’s goals including their ability, potential, and skill development.
• DVD filming can be included as part of your sessions. Please discuss video interests with your personal training coach.

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Couple Training

This service is designed for two people to share a customized personal training session. Partner training sessions are a perfect fit for friends, workout buddies and couples that share similar health and fitness goals. It’s a more cost effective way to get personal training.

Reasons to join the Partner Training Sessions:

  • friends/couples fitness training to lose weight and tone up
  • workout buddies that have hit a plateau with their normal routine
  • friends/couples training for an upcoming race or event
  • those looking for a more cost effective personal training service

Benefit of Partner Training Sessions:

This format of fitness training is fun, motivating, encouraging, and may give you the urge to engage in a little friendly competition. Each workout plan is customized to progress both of your individual abilities in strength, cardiovascular endurance, balance, coordination, and flexibility. Certain exercises may also be performed together. The guidance you will receive in each training session will help keep you and your partner(s) accountable to reach your goals in the most safe and effective way.

What To expect from Partner Training:

An initial consultation is necessary in order to establish your short-term and long-term goals, also to review your medical histories, any past surgeries, or current health conditions. Your day-to-day activity levels and eating habits will also be assessed, and put toward devising a training plan that would best suit both partners needs.

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Personal Training

Embarrassed about exercising in a public setting? Worried about serious health concerns like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, etc.? Overwhelmed with where to start and how to hold yourself accountable? Motivated to finally be able to wear that box of “skinny clothes” hiding in the back of your closet?

Our one-on-one complete exercise solution can help you overcome these common obstacles and set you on the right path to achieving your health and fitness goals!

  • Personal attention in a “private” setting! You will work one-on-one with Sheryl or/and Lars outdoor on different locations of Aruba.
  • Especially for tourist we will come to your hotel and provide our One-on-One Personal Training at your location
  • The experts at Sporty LifestyleAruba will design a specific exercise routine that aligns directly to your lifestyle and personal goals.
  • We begin with an Intake Consultation and Assessment to create a customized program that takes into consideration your current condition, your specific health,other goals, and any special requests for strong results and safe outcomes.

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Training Schedules

We can guide you if you are seeking for a tailor made schedule. You will sit with Sheryl or Lars to personalize your schedule towards the goal you are working for.

We are specialized in :

  • losing weight
  • running competitions- 5k & 10k / half marathon / full marathon
  • triathlon competitions- sprint / O.D. / 70.3 IM / 140.6 IM
  • getting (back) in shape
  • meal plan
  • goals setting
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