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Ramon Mas

I started to train with Lars and Sheryl in March 2016 to join a friend, but with the conviction that a Personal Trainer was not going to do much for me. Well, I was pretty wrong. The intensity and variety of training methods used by these guys (High Intensity Training combined with swimming and running) has helped not only to lose a lot of weight and get much stronger, but also and especially to turn exercise into a habit in my life again.


That in itself would be amazing, but there is more…. After only a few weeks of training with Lars and Sheryl I was moved by the curiosity of Triathlon, so I decided to give it a try and I signed up for my first “Sprint” in May 2016. Two weeks later I was jumping into the sea at Boca Catalina to start the race, realising immediately that I had found something for me. Triathlon provides a good combination between upper body (swim) and lower body (bike and run), which not only has made me stronger and more balanced, but has also prevented the typical repetitive-use injuries from intense single sports. Apart from that, there is a great vibe of camaraderie and respect: There are no shortcuts to getting fit for a long distance triathlon so, regardless of the level, people respect one another for taking on the challenge and drive to finish a race.

So, in a matter of a couple of months, I went from “couch potato” to deciding that I wanted to complete a full IronMan in 2018. The first step was the Challenge Aruba 2016 which, although far from fast, I finished. The next one, another half IronMan in Costa Rica 2017 elbow to elbow with Lars and Sheryl. Costa Rica here we go!!

Robert Silva

My name is Robert Silva and I am 19 years old.
I am participating in Karate since I was 3.
I started to train with Sheryl and Lars more than a year ago because I needed to loose weight in 6 weeks because of my championship fight and I needed to have more strength. Within 6 weeks I lost 10kg and I got really muscular and I was ready to fight.


Since I started training with Sporty Lifestyle Aruba my life has changed and the coaches are really supporting me not only in the training sessions but also mentally to make me a better person. Sheryl and Lars are my family now.

In my last championships this year I won the Gold medal in the Open of Las Vegas and the Bronze medal in the Copa Simon Bolivar.
My dream is to qualify for the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo so that means I need to focus and train harder.

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