I started to train with Lars and Sheryl in March 2016 to join a friend, but with the conviction that a Personal Trainer was not going to do much for me. Well, I was pretty wrong. The intensity and variety of training methods used by these guys (High Intensity Training combined with swimming and running) has helped not only to lose a lot of weight and get much stronger, but also and especially to turn exercise into a habit in my life again.


That in itself would be amazing, but there is more…. After only a few weeks of training with Lars and Sheryl I was moved by the curiosity of Triathlon, so I decided to give it a try and I signed up for my first “Sprint” in May 2016. Two weeks later I was jumping into the sea at Boca Catalina to start the race, realising immediately that I had found something for me. Triathlon provides a good combination between upper body (swim) and lower body (bike and run), which not only has made me stronger and more balanced, but has also prevented the typical repetitive-use injuries from intense single sports. Apart from that, there is a great vibe of camaraderie and respect: There are no shortcuts to getting fit for a long distance triathlon so, regardless of the level, people respect one another for taking on the challenge and drive to finish a race.

So, in a matter of a couple of months, I went from “couch potato” to deciding that I wanted to complete a full IronMan in 2018. The first step was the Challenge Aruba 2016 which, although far from fast, I finished. The next one, another half IronMan in Costa Rica 2017 elbow to elbow with Lars and Sheryl. Costa Rica here we go!!