“I am a professional swim coach and have a lot of experience in Olympic Distances Triathlons and in 70.3 and 140.6 Ironman competitions.”-Coach Lars.

Maybe you just want to improve your skills and technique in the water because you just love to swim or maybe you are going to participate in a small triathlon or even bigger, an Ironman.

Your goal is our mission, we will help you to improve your skill, technique, endurance and strength with a water workout.We will train in a swimming pool or in open water to build up strength and get used to the current.

The Swim Strength Training Sessions aims to increase a swimmer’s efficiency, power, and performance.

The objectives of the program include:
• Identify specific stroke mechanic strengths and challenges and apply techniques to improve performance.
• Examine the principles of efficient stroke mechanics.
• Develop a personalized continuous improvement plan based on each swimmer’s goals including their ability, potential, and skill development.
• DVD filming can be included as part of your sessions. Please discuss video interests with your personal training coach.

Call Sporty Lifestyle Aruba to schedule an appointment to discuss the options for swim strength training.